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Hide | Definition of Hide by Merriam-Webster Hide definition is - to put out of sight : secrete. How to use hide in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of hide. Hide | Definition of Hide at Hide definition, to conceal from sight; prevent from being seen or discovered: Where did she hide her jewels? See more.

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Feb 19, 2020

hide (n.2) a measure of land (obsolete), Old English hid "hide of land," earlier higid, from hiw-"family," from or related to hiwan "household," hiwo "a husband, master of a household," from Proto-Germanic *hiwido-, from PIE *keiwo-(source also of Latin civis "citizen"), from PIE root *kei-(1) "to lie," also forming words for "bed, couch," and with a secondary sense of "beloved, dear."

hide-and-seek (n.) children's game, by 1670s, replaced earlier all-hid (1580s). See hide (v.1) + seek (v.). Form hide-and-go-seek recorded from 1767, also hide-and-find (1750). Variant hide-and-coop is from 1827. Also I-spy or hy-spy (1777). Another old name for it was king-by-your-leave (1570s). Urban Dictionary: Hideyoshi Hideyoshi is its own gender. Many people confuse it for a male because it has a penis, or a female because it looks feminine, but this is wrong. Hideyoshi is Hideyoshi. Hide | English land unit | Britannica