Slows down my computer. After installing the latest update to AVG Internet Security my computer is horribly slow. Sometimes taking a full minute to giving me access to the page. It will load but then stalls for a full minute or more. Also crashes alot when i try to go to some pages. What can i do to fix this, i really don't want to buy a

Computer slows down when connected to external monitors. I am working on a MacBook Pro that has dual GPUS (Intel Iris & AMD Radeon) The user uses 2 external monitors. His computer starts slowing down, the kernel usage gets to 87% and oddly bounces as high as 240 %. The laptop is a bit warmer than usual but no thermal problems. Using a VPN Slows Down Internet? (VPN Speed Explained Nov 30, 2018 AVG 9-Great for slowing down your computer! - March 2017

Jan 21, 2016

Jan 05, 2012 Does having lots of email slow down my computer? Jan 21, 2011 Performance Slows Down Substantially Couple of Hours after

Quick fixes if your Firefox slows down. To resolve slowness problems not specifically mentioned above, you should scan your computer for viruses, spyware, and other malware and read Troubleshoot Firefox issues caused by malware. Optimize Windows.

New Mcafee subscriber- AntiVirus Plus Slows down my computer? New Mcafee subscriber- AntiVirus Plus Slows down my computer? Hi, I just switched over to Mcafee from Avast. My father uses Mcafee on his company/enterprise computers. So when I installed and set up the program, everything is fine. But once I use other programs with Mcafee running, it's when I really notice the performance issues.