Oct 18, 2019

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I read in this article that the FBI was able to crack the anonymity of Tor.. From what I heard and read, onion routing makes it almost impossible to de-anonymize a user. The last time I heard anyone trying to crack Tor was the NSA and it did not succeed or at least they did not publicly advertise it (The article was 2 to 3 years old now and may not be that relevant anymore). Tor Snowflake turns your browser into a proxy for users in Oct 17, 2019 What is Tor? Your guide to using the private browser - CNET

Users. We estimate the number of users by analyzing the requests induced by clients to relays and bridges. Relay users; Bridge users by country; Bridge users by transport; Bridge

Can you be traced by your IP address if you are using Tor No security expert will ever tell you that any opsec is foolproof -- the only way to not ever get caught on the net, for sure, is never use the net and hope no one frames you for anything. ;) That said, Tor use with an updated Tor browser -- I mi Mouse movements are enough to track down Tor users