Static route guide for Linksys routers using the Smart Wifi interface. Login to your router. Choose Connectivity from the Router Settings on the left. Select Advanced Routing, then select Add Route. Enter the following information. Route Name - Anything you want; Destination IP -; Subnet Mask - or

various settings of your Linksys VPN gateway. Not all settings are required for every setup, so don’t worry if some stay empty. IP Addresses Linksys WAN IP Address: . . . or host name Linksys LAN Network IP / Subnet Mask: . . . / • Subnet Mask Enter the subnet mask of your wired network • Default Gateway Enter the IP address of the default gateway for your network (in most cases, this is your router) Click Save Settings to apply your changes, or click Cancel Changes to cancel your changes Wireless > Basic Wireless Settings Dec 11, 2009 · 2. Change the DHCP subnet leasing to - Yes this extends the "collision domain" to both subnets. 3. Change the subnet of the server ( from the default of to - ALL device masks must change to 4. Change (or leave) the default gateway as - Yes ALL devices EXCEPT the ADSL Sep 21, 2017 · Then you have to create another network with same IP address range i.e another subnet. Then make routing between the old router and Linksys router with different subnet masked IP address range other than, Then there will be no IP conflict. This is the IP address you want to assign. should work for most Linksys configurations. Subnet mask: Almost all Linksys configurations use this subnet mask.* Default gateway: Almost all Linksys configurations use this default gateway.* Subnet Mask - Enter the IPv4 subnet mask. Protocol - Select either TCP or UDP protocol. Port - Configure OpenVPN server listen port. The the default value is 1194. Encryption -Select encryption mode: NULL, DES 3DES AES128 192 or 256. Step 11: Scroll down to the Certificate Settings section, then enter the necessary information in the fields The other way is going into the setup menu of the router. Click on ADD/EDIT subnet.(I have attached a screenshot.) This will allow you to specify a LAN IP Address and a Subnet Mask of your liking. Hope this helps.

I have used a similar setup before, change your subnet mask on the router to that way it can communicate with both subnets. Also set the mask on any pcs on the second subnet (the one

Linksys WAP300N Setting Up: Basics How to expand your home network What is a network? A network is any group of devices that can communicate with each other A typical home network may include multiple computers, a printer, a modem (for Internet access), and a router A large home network may also have a switch,

Every ip address has a corresponding subnet mask. The subnet mask specifies the range of the ip addresses in a group. The subnet mask looks a lot like an ip address. It is made up of four eight bit numbers separated by periods. These numbers once again range from 0 to 255. A typical subnet mask is Dec 13, 2007 · You can use only subnet mask or smaller on the LAN side for your own LAN. There is usually no need to change that unless the network on the WAN side overlaps with the default subnet of the Linksys router. In that case you have to change the LAN IP address of the router outside the WAN side subnet. 0 Kudos